Monday, 20 January 2014

Why data privacy and security must for businesses?

Employee Monitoring Software
Data privacy and security is very important for every business and including personal computer users across the world. As the manager/owner of a business, whether it is small or large, you must have some concerns about data security at your business. Not taking data security issue seriously can bring managers in deep trouble. Companies keep sensitive information about their customers and employees in official files or on their network. In every organization, systems are generally password protected and there are enough layers that an employee has to pass in order to access the information.

Some time employees find themselves in an unstable situation and they are not sure about their future with company so they steal company data for their individual profit. Fired employees can also steal data from network before leaving business premise so no company can say that the data/information is threat proof or secure. If data privacy and security are not maintained, business can be ruined. Well, the best step which needs to be taken is installing software which can monitor employee PC activities. With the help of it, managers can keep record of every individual of the company to make sure that none of them is threat to your business. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Stop data thefts using Network Monitoring Software

Network monitoring
Data thefts in business environment occur quite often while several of them remain unnoticed for a long time. Small and medium sized organizations are usually the most badly affected, especially when no safety measurements are in place within the IT infrastructure. Recently there are many incidents happened with lots of organization that is why data theft need to be taken very seriously. With the use of good network monitoring software in the organizations, managers can stop data theft. Network monitoring software can protect and maintain business secrets, significant property and cost-effective assets and also prevent damage to the company’s status.

In present scenario, non-disclosure agreement is not enough to minimize the risk of malicious actions by employees. This is one of the main concerns of managers to reduce the data theft in business. But what can a manager do to stop data thefts because today’s portable devices are very smart; they offer large storage and are able to communicate through many typical interfaces. For avoiding use of this portable devices company manager can use network monitoring software. To prevent data theft, network monitoring tools can play an important role. With monitoring tools, managers can make sure that employees understand importance of data protection. With monitoring tools, managers can make sure that employees understand importance of data protection.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Employee PC Monitoring Software

In market some computer monitoring software are available those help in monitoring, tracking and controlling  the PC activities of employees. At workplace, it secures official data stored in computers and ensures employers that employees are using computers for business purposes only. Now a day computer monitoring has become quite necessary organizations due its features.To increase productivity in businesses these kind of software can play a key role.

Net Orbit

These software realize employees that they are being monitored by someone else so instead of doing un-official activities. We see that employees are usually distracted by instant messaging, social media things, this can be stopped by monitoring tools. In the employee grading process these software can be used, managers and supervisors can take help from these to get some facts about employees. Some monitoring software like net orbit provide features to block certain sites on the  local network so employers can block social media sites or other unwanted sites.
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